Saturday, April 29, 2017

  What's New? 

This is our space where we try to keep everyone informed on what's new with Ballistic Supply and/or the shooting industry in general.

Hornady has now released the 300 gr. FLX slug (Flex-Tip) as a component.  Finally, Yah!!!  Unfortunately, it comes in a 50 round box only, not bulk quantity, at this time.  So, that means that we can get it and load it, but it will not be the price you are used to seeing from us, at this time.  Although, ours should still be less expensive than Hornady.   


Just to let you all know that the 50 BMG development is coming along very well, and we should be ready to take your orders in April.  Tenatively, we will offer the 750 gr. A-Max in a match loading, and also a 690 gr. FMJ for practicing and rock busting way out yonder.  Watch for the new “50 BMG“ page!
NOTE:  Our 50 BMG loadings will be tailored to your specific brand of gun, not a generic, one size fits all.  Also, the new Barnes Triple Shock 647 gr. will be available as a special order for you folks that like elk hunting a mile away. 


700 gr. Hardcast  --  Bet that got your attention !!!

Here it is - It's part of our permanent line-up now.  This is the LARGEST COMMERCIAL LOAD AVAILABLE, and Ballistic Supply is the ONLY place you can get it.  See the 500 Smith & Wesson page for all the details. 


Now here's something NEW & VERY EXCITING!!  We have been working up a light load intended for use in home defense.  It will, of course, be called the DEFENSE LOAD, and will probably be added to our line-up around December or January.  The velocity is approx. 900 fps, and has a muzzle jump of about 1/2“.  This gives you fast acquisition, and the best part is - you can shoot these DOUBLE-ACTION.

New England Firearms        NEF/H&R is coming out with a new Handy Rifle chambered in 500 S&W, of course.  Can't wait for that one - new for 2005.  Update news - our 700 gr. Hardcast chronographs at 1600 fps and almost 4000 ft. lbs. of energy.  If you purchased the NEF and plan of shooting the 700 grainers, than also plan on purchasing a kick pad and shoulder pad.  These babies hurt on both ends!  At around $250 this is one of the best buys out there. 

Taurus    Taurus introduced their 500 S&W on the Raging Bull frame, indicating that it should be out sometime in 2005.  For 2007, Taurus is offering a 2” version. 

T/C    Thompson Center has now come out with 500 S&W barrels.



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